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Wet Towel Rolling Machine Wet Towel Rolling Machine
Place one cotton towel on the belt conveyer and it will roll and pack it in an individual sealed plastic bag.
Wet Towel Rolling Machine
“Oshibori service”Wet Towel Rolling Machine Wet Towel Rolling Machine
“Oshibori service”

Oshibori are wet hot or cold hand towels and offered in a restaurant ortearoom. They are used to clean one's hands or face before eating, andhave long been considered a traditional custom in Japan. Customers arealways pleased when offered cold oshibori in summers and warm oshiboriin winters.Oshibori Service has already been very popular all over Japan. This custom,unique to Japan, is also becoming popular among customers overseas. A great custom is welcomed anywhere..

Model :
No. MT-X1
Motor :
Heater :
Weight :
132 kgs
Size :
L1120 x W550 x H840mm
Number produced / hr. :
1000 to 1500 Oshibori avg. / hour ( may vary depending on workers experience) Though a voltage of 100 is used in Japan, the AOM has various voltage models designed to fit your country needs.
Country of origin :

ImageThis Oshibori-Service originated in Japan, has been spreading all over the world and used for many purposes including barber shops and beauty salons as well as restaurants. This Oshibori-Service may enhance your business and customer service. We recommend this product for BUSINESS CHANCE to anyone. It doesnot matter if you are a restaurant or beauty salon owner, an entrepreneur or someone simply interested in using oshibori with challenge sprits.

Marketing Areas

We have achieved satisfactory sales results not only in Japan but also in the U.S. and Canada. Europe is the most promising area for opening up a new market in this field.

CE Marking
The completion of the MT-X1, a type of machine suitable for CE Marketing, could make its way to the European markets in August, 2002. We expect more and more sales in those areas.

ImageSushi, one of the Japanese food cultures, became very popular as Sushi Bar in America.
Oshibori is now an important part of the services at Sushi Bar. It is safe to say Oshibori service is indispensable to clean one hands or face, and make one feel refreshed before eating. We believe Oshibori service is very effective even when serving dishes other than Japanese, such as British, French, Italian and etc.

The machine is strongly-built and designed for a long-term use. Many of the machines in Japan have still been in operation for more than 20 years. Operation and maintenance manuals will come with the machine. Moreover, the maintenance manual includes a list of parts illustrated with pictures. Therefore, even the inexperienced can use it with ease and without any trouble

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