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■Company Outline
Shima Trading CO.,Ltd.
February, 1968
10 million yen
Settling term
October 31 once a year
Head Office
3-16-18 Jyugaoka Ikejiri Sayama city, Osaka Japan
TEL : +81-72-368-0091 / FAX : +81-72-368-0094
Distribution Center
3-16-20 Jyugaoka Ikejiri Sayama city, Osaka
TEL : +81-72-368-0091 / FAX : +81-72-368-0094
Sayama city, Osaka
Our bank
Mizuho Bank, Osaka branch
UFJ Bank, Hagoromo branch
Annual turnover
500 million yen
Representative Director
Nobuaki Nakajima

■Course of Company
February, 1968
Founded Shima Trading, Inc. to sell tableware detergents for business use
April, 1973
Honshu Paper Firm(now Oji Paper Co., Ltd.) consigned Honshu Timely(now Oji Timely) Oshibori for sale to our company, and then we started putting Honshu Timely Oshibori on sale at Honshu Timely Oshibori Osaka Office.
April, 1975
Started selling paper products made by Tokai Pulp, Inc. (now Tokai Paper Processing, Inc.) such as paper towels called Tokai Towper and etc.
December, 1975
Started selling Oshibori Packing Machine called Life
May, 1986
Moved the factory to Sayama city, Osaka aiming at increasing the producing capacity of Honshu Timely Oshibori. We have also been trying to develop more food related products and extend the market for them.
Machine Equipped
Oji Timely Oshibori Machine (AET. ANE. S. M. FT. RT. one per machine) H1. ET, can be purchased Oji Paper Co., Ltd.
Monthly Productivity
About 10 million

■Items on sale
  • Production and Sale of Oji Timely Oshibori
  • Sale of paper products from Tokai Paper Processing, Inc. including Tokai Towper(Paper Towel)
  • Daio Paper Corporation Sale of paper products from Elleair
  • Various paper products of Nepia
  • Sale of paper products from Sanyo Scott
  • Sale of paper products from Crecia Corporation
  • Kuraray Co., Ltd. Kuraflex(counter cloth) and etc.
  • Sale of plastic wraps, foil wraps, lead papers for business use and etc.
  • Johnson Company Limited Sale of cleaning detergents(cleanliness)
  • Sale of trash bags for business use
  • Other food service products

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Shima Trading Co.,Ltd. 3-16-18 Jyugaoka Ikejiri Sayama city, Osaka Japan