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Paper Item1
Toilet Paper
We have a large assortment of products with a pleasant and soft texture. Include: 100m/130m, for business use, with and without the core, single double and etc.

Paper Item2 Plastic Wrap
Plastic Wrap
Excel in Adhesiveness. Sizes include(15cm x 100m/ 22 cm x 100m/ 30cm x 100m /45cm x 50m)

four-folded, six-folded, eight-folded and etc. 2PLY, color

Counter Clothe
Sizes: large, standard, and thinly-made. Various colors

Freshness-Keep Sheet
Freshness-Keep Sheet
cooking sheet (large and medium)
  • Large: 38cm x 24cm
  • Medium: 28cm x 24cm
Uchino Itamaesan or Our Chef
(large and medium)
  • Large: 38cm x 24cm
  • Medium: 27.5cm x 24cm

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